Monday, April 13, 2009

comment = power

so the past 2 days i've stumbled upon some interesting comments that people have left after they've made an online purchase... it seems that leaving comments has evolved into something more impactful~
example(right): left by moms who bought a swimsuit(s) for their daughter however many number of stars seems to satisfy people on a whole new level, giving ppl a sense of power that was not available to them in the past
if i worked at this company, i might just have to post comments just to piss ppl off, so they'd buy more stuff...
the news last night talked about how stay-at-home moms in taiwan are getting hired to be spies to pretend like they're looking for homes and then reporting the information back to the competitive realestate agencies...
how great would it be if someone's job was to be a "pretend" commenter to stimulate the economic market....i'd do it....

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  1. speaking of empowerment, check out

    the marketing team has given a great deal of power to their customers to be the voice of their brand. skittles relinquished their brand to what people are saying, producing and sharing across sites like twitter, youtube and facebook. the results were crazy and sort of a mixed bag.

    the tie in though is that things like comments, ranks and ratings are going to be in almost every experience we come across from now on. so you might be able to be one of those pretend commenters before you even know it!