Monday, June 8, 2009

there!! i colored it~

-she speaks only in "♥" morse code
-she is built to attract missiles wherever she goes 
-her purpose is to concentrate missiles for them to self explode 
-her goal is to destruct as many missiles as possible as she travels through the sky, so much, that it would be pointless to make them in the first place
-her only weakness is that she can't seem to decide which accessories to go with her outfit

Thursday, June 4, 2009


i feel that i can create hand-made crafts for ppl all day everyday all the time, because it's the most real, and true little pieces of art possible. you can never plan it, something will inspire you to imagine something and then the process begins, not knowing where it will take you, but knowing that regardless, as long as you have true heart, you can never puts you into a meditative state of just you and the movement of your hands..pure efforts of labor..this is when you can forget the world and enter into nothingness that will just naturally lead to something... creating something that's more than you can express in any other way... made with repetitive, arduous labor...jus my theory but i think it is the essence inherent in creating the moment of "awe" in the natural world. ..i wish i could word this better.. not saying that i'm aiming to create "awe" in any way.. or that i am able to...but meditative practice like this def. helps cultivate the zen in me...not tryin to say that i have much tho...-__-