Saturday, April 18, 2009


had a convo with the husband of one of my cousins today...pretty much talked to him for the first time ever..but got into an in-depth discussion about passion... it made me think a lot about my current situation..i mean i'm blissfully happy at the moment, but wats troubling me, is that i'm not doing wat i've been intending to do... i thought that once i've rebalanced myself, my passion will just naturally return to me... but it hasn't really...i guess that time is passed, when you don't need anything, sleep, etc. and some how just keep doing your thing like nothing else mattered... wat i've realized is that i can only truly focus on doing one thing at a time... it really doesn't matter how other ppl do it...working at the same time, while following their passions.... i can only go at my own pace in life.. people can say or advise me whatever they will, but right now i know i need to focus on my job, and learn as much as possible.  No matter when it happens, it'll happen...i know it...even if nobody else does, or even knows what i'm talking about. Only you can live your life the way you intend, and only you can make those decisions. 
 To never give up = Success.  必勝 = Must Win. no matter what happens, just don't stop~ "jia yo~!!!!"

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